One of only a handful of nanotechnology companies targeting large-scale industrial applications. Expertise in formulating high margin down-stream products using the nano materials produced by the company’s proprietary production units.

Turnkey solutions to reduce CO2 in construction, improve plastics and cut energy consumption from heating and cooling.

APNTek’s proprietary additive and 3D printing solutions cut CO2 from construction by upgrading concrete and reducing waste

Material upgrades at the micro level through industry expertise to provide ready-to-use fully scalable solutions to legacy & conservative users.


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Additives that increase durability, overall mechanical properties, decrease plastic use, and improve recyclability.

Concrete Additives

Real world tests show our technology reduces failure rate in concrete and provides additional CO2 reduction.


Specialty coatings that reduce energy consumption, increase structural durability, reject water or fire.

Carbon Nano-Enhanced Concrete & Mortar

The additive solutions we produce promote cost savings to end-users and are backed by robust manufacturing technology. Our  materials are fully compatible with existing technology, equipment and additives.

Real world tests show that our technology reduces the failure rate in  concrete manufacturing and provides additional CO2 reduction.

Less cement

Cement production accounts for 8% of  global CO2 emission yearly.

Longer lasting concrete

Concrete becomes harder, more water resistant and crack resistant.

Reduced Waste

Batch to batch preparation becomes more consistent and forgiving.

Thermoplastic Upgrades

Quality Benefits:

•More durable and long-lasting due to the improved mechanical properties
•Improved resistance to the environmental factors

Ecological impact:

•Green solution used to improve the quality
•Extended life cycle of the plastic (carbon reduction)
•Extended recyclability potential of the plastic (plastic waste reduction)

Plastic reduction in products

•Based on test data the amount of the plastic used can be reduced by ≈10%
•Improved resistance to the environmental factors

Large Scale 3D Printing

Up to 85% time saving
10-15% savings on cost Vs Prefab
Fully customizable to facilitate creativity
Up to 30% time save to construct frames of buildings (external and internal walls)
Only 2-3 people needed to operate the printer
Basic model can print 2-story buildings
Only requiers basic, lower cost building materials
Highly durable structures


• TEKSURFACE STANDARD-Liquid thermal insulation

• TEKSURFACE ARCTIC-can be applied down to -30 ° C

• TEKSURFACE METAL-for corrosion prone surfaces. Also, used as a primer on rusty surfaces

• TEKSURFACE EXTRA-LTI temperature maximums from -60 ° С to + 600 ° С

• TEKSURFACE FLAME-intumescent water-based paint with fire retardant properties, up to 2hours on steel.

• TEKSURFACE WATERTIGHT-protects against constant exposure to water and ultraviolet radiation

• TEKSURFACE ANTIBIO-protects surfaces from fungus, mold and condensation.

• TEKSURFACE H20NO-hydrophobic, protects surfaces from getting wet

• TEKSURFACE PUTTY-thermal surface preparation, replaces plaster

• TEKSURFACE METAL PRIMER-corrosion inhibiting. Can be applied to poorly prepared surfaces